5 January 2014


“What decision has ROS made that requires me to accept?”, asked DLVK in response to Datuk Teo Chee Kang’s statement yesterday that claimed ROS has determined his presidency in LDP.

“At the moment, I have not received anything from ROS concerning the issue. All I heard and read was from the newspapers allegedly claiming that ROS has declared Teo a winner in a party election tainted with illegality.”

“I need to see the content of the letter, if any. I think it is only right and fair I be given a copy of the letter, if any. At least I will know under what provision of the law in the Societies Act 1966 has ROS invoked to recognize an illegal party election. We must not forget that the Election Committee set up by Teo is not validly constituted and any pronouncement made by Teo’s purported Election Committee is null and void.” “Therefore, I need to see the letter and know the reasons for ROS’s decision.”

“On many occasions since September last year, we have notified ROS about Teo’s removal as LDP’s Secretary General and his subsequent suspension by the Disciplinary Committee in October last year.

Teo’s removal and suspension under the Party’s Constitution is valid.” “We have also complained to ROS about Teo’s illegally constituted EGM and their subsequent Party Election on 19/20 October 2013.

There are many other issues that we have also notified the ROS in writing on many occasions throughout the last few months. However, up until today, ROS has not responded at all to any of our letters.”

On 30th December 2013, I have directed the LDP’s Secretary General to hold a Special Party Conference on 29-30th March 2014 so that, among others, all Party members can exercise their lawful right to elect LDP’s office bearers of their choice.

The lawful right of the Party members to elect LDP’s office bearers cannot be frustrated in any manner by Teo or any other party.”

“On 2nd January 2014 , when the report surfaced in local newspapers concerning the impugned news, I have instructed my lawyer to write to ROS demanding ROS to verify the truth or otherwise of the contents of the reports, in particular to the allegation that they have issued a letter to Teo dated 2nd January 2014. At the same time, I have also demanded ROS to reply to all our earlier letters that we have written to them since September last year.”“I thereby strongly urge ROS to immediately issue a written directive to clarification of all these issues within the next few days, failing which I have no alternative but to refer this matter to my legal team to pursue an action against ROS in the Court.”“Meanwhile, I also urge my Party members to remain calm and not to believe all the speculations made that was calculated to confuse not only them but the political leaders in the country.”

I wish to assure all my Party members that I am fully committed to the democratic right of Party members to vote for the Party’s office -bearers of their choice at the Party Conference and I will abide by whatever decision the Party members wish to make. Such a democratic process must be upheld and I will resist any unlawful attempt by any person to derail such a democratic process.

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