26 February 2011

UMNO Is The Downfall Of The Majority Malays As A Viable Race? By Syed Akbar Ali

By Syed Akbar Ali@ syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com

I received the following article from one of my Blog readers. Thank you bro. It says this article has been floating around the Net for some time. It also says that the writer of this article is an “enlightened Malay”. From the face of it I don’t think a Malay wrote this article.

I have read it and there are various parts of it that I agree with completely but there are also many parts of it which I don’t agree with.

UMNO Is The Downfall Of The Majority Malays As A Viable Race
Written by an enlightened Malay (a market analyst).

The Malays Are Lost And Waylaid - At The Crossroads Of A Malay Dilemma.If you happen to travel around this country and check on the statistics, especially the pasar malam, find out who runs the stalls and their businesses? Check out our beloved Chow Kit Road, and see who owns the thriving commerce? Or visit the Pudu wet market and see who is shouting for customers at 4 am (even before the cock crows).

Half the businesses now are with the foreigners, another half with other races, the Malays only have land titles left (especially reserve land of no value). All the GLC's are still in Malay hands, but not for long; otherwise all will be sold off in no time at all. As a people, the Malays are not known for perseverance and enduring commitment. They have no business acumen. Being entrepreneurial is a steep climb for them and the Malays have no stamina to stomach the strains and stresses. I speak from experience. They are easily swayed by circumstances.

More than half our local workforce are pendatangs (Indons, Myanmars, Nepals, Vietnamese, Banglas!) This country is not only bankrupt as said by Idris Jala, but also - telah dilelongkan. The poorer of the majority Malays left behind will become beggars and mat rempit, mat gian, mat ragut and mat dadah (they are all subsidized by our government funding to buy their No 1 drugs of escapism to run away from a harsh reality - Metadon). Who culled their own Malay race? Nobody but UMNO-BN itself! I rest my case.

Since 1957 UMNO has effectively carried out the population engineering of our country to ensure its own long-term survival by creating the myth of a two-pronged “Ketuanan Melayu” strategy of mind control. “Ketuanan Melayu” for the majority Malay masses who are lulled and numbed into a feeling of being superior over the non-Malays because of their demographic numbers; and “Ketuanan Melayu” for the favored UMNOputra Malay political elites through the accumulation of massive material wealth and power for themselves and their cronies. And while UMNO has failed by almost any measure you chose to gauge them – good governance, ethics or morality – without question they have succeeded too well in the social engineering exercise after the bloody race riots of May 13, 1969.

The duplicity of UMNO in proclaiming 1Malaysia - Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara -while all the while undertaking a relentless program to whittle down the numbers of the non-Malays through a very precise and focused political initiative is breathtaking in its effectiveness!

Consider this -

In 1957:
– 45% of the population were Chinese
– 12% of the population were Indians

In 2010:
– 25% of the population are Chinese
– 7% of the population are Indians

Over 600,000 Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC status were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship and possibly 60% of them had passed away due to old age.

Since 1957:
– 2 million Chinese have emigrated
– 0.5 million Indians have migrated

– 3 million Indonesians came over to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status even if they stay less than 5 years. (Nett gain 0.5 million and an additional of 3 million manufactured Bumiputras like Muslim Indonesians). The most famous is none other than Mohd Khir Toyo who stayed for 20 years but became MB of Selangor.

In the not too distant future, I reckon Malay bumiputras may have to worry about 2nd or 3rd generation Indonesian migrants, owing to the virtues of hard work and thrift taught by their parents, or grandparents, would have surpassed the majority Malays in terms of socio-economic progress. Mohd Khir Toyo is smarter than most local-born Malays in terms of amassing his personal wealth at the shortest duration of time. Even Muhammad Muhammad Taib is no match for him. That's how smart Khir Toyo is.

Instead of teaching their people the virtues of hard work and perseverance, the UMNO warlords are proclaiming Ketuanan Melayu to feed off the Chinese minorities like parasites. If not for the Chinese taxpayers, the Malays will be sleeping the five foot-ways. Of course the Chinese isn't a threat - they are just workaholics - they want to create wealth and prosperity so much so that no failures of any kind is going to stop them. Not even the ultra Malay racists spewing blood in their eyes or frothing venom in their mouths. It is envisaged the Chinese demographics will dwindle to stabilize at 4 percent of the overall Malaysian population but their accumulated wealth and economic power will continue to rise to more than 75 percent of the overall GDP of the country. That’s proof enough how steady and influential the Chinese economic stranglehold over the majority Malays will become; and we believe racial hatred and resentment is well likely to remain for the next 50 years. They work hard for the money but we envy them in our idleness.

Whereas the Indonesian newcomers went out to work before you become awake and they are not home yet when you call it a day and went to bed. Will the majority Malays consider them a threat when they deservedly find new wealth? The Indonesians respect the Chinese for their business acumen and diligence. Do the Malays think likewise if not indulge in unguarded jealousy and envy?

Now the non-Malays are well aware of this tinkering and engineering of our population and it would do us Malays no good to say that it was UMNO’s doing and that we had no hand in what happened at the end of the day. As a Malay I was then comfortable that UMNO was the dominant partner in the Barisan Nasional. It was indeed comforting to know that Malays controlled four of the five major banks. We were also in control of UMBC, MISC and Southern Bank – all previously owned by the Chinese. But seemingly the Chinese-owned Public Bank which is not in our control is moving ahead of the others still in economic prowess and competitive skills. What’s wrong with our control?


Between 1968 to 2000:

– 48 Chinese primary schools shut down

– 144 Indian primary schools closed

– 2637 Malay Primary Schools were built

Of the total government budget for these schools, 2.5% were for the Chinese, 1% for the Indians and a whopping 96.5% for the Malay primary schools.

The fact that 2637 Malay primary schools were built between 1968 to 2000 implied that the engineered process of retarding our majority Malays or bumiputras is getting obvious. At the end of their school lives, they have nowhere to go except to stay put in this country, as like idiots they have nowhere else to go because everywhere they are faced with a serious language problem and a communication breakdown with others. They will, like it or not, have to support the Ketuanan Melayu concept to survive for their freebies or welfare. The mentality is - No need to work and money will still come. Scions of the rich and wealthy UMNOputras will be educated overseas and return to continue to rule over their poorer local cousins.

Petronas petrol stations?

Of the 2000 station the Malays owned 99%. Yes…we the Malays were indeed in control. In control of what? We were in control of all the business licenses and permits for Taxis and Approved Permits (APs).

We were in control of Government contracts of which 95% were given to Malays.

We were in control of the rice trade through Bernas that bought over 80% of Chinese rice millers in Kedah. Even Robert Kuok aka Sugar King was forced to sell his sugar franchise to UMNO crony interests so that the Malays are deemed to be in control of the sugar market; and the other essential basic items.

We were in control of bus companies. Throughout Malaysia, MARA buses could be seen plying all the routes. Non-Malays were simply displaced by having their application for bus routes and for new buses rejected. Many local Chinese owned bus companies are already kaput in the urban centers.

Every new housing estate being built had a mosque or a surau. None, I repeat “no” temples or churches were built for any housing estate even if the majority residents are non Malays! We even blare the loudspeakers in every mosque calling for Azan at maximum volume just so to tell the non Malays and non Muslims that we are in control!

So why with control over all these highly visible entities and business opportunities are the majority Malays still unable to stand tall and with pride over and above the non-Malays? We are unable to so do because it was not the Malays that benefited from these opportunities - only the favoured UMNOputras enjoyed the benefits, and the poorer among the majority Malays were merely taken for a ride as their name were used by UMNO to hijack the national agenda. The Chinese bogeyman and the Malay hobbyhorse work wonders for UMNO to play one against the other in their evil scheme of Divide and Rule to suit their survival plan.

Why must UMNO constantly harped about the need to spoon-feed the majority Malays – about Ketuanan Melayu when it is already in place and about Bumiputra status and all the privileges and rights that goes with that special status?

And as a Malay I want to ask the non-Malays why you still chose to live in a country whose racist government has by its actions and deeds done whatever it could to make you not feel welcomed as a Pendatang? The non-Malays I know have all told me the same thing – Malaysia is their country – they know of no other country they can call their own. And so they stay and put up with the abuses and nonsense.

The difference now is that there are enough Malays who are ashamed by the nihilistic antics of this ultra racist Malay political organization call UMNO. There are enough Malays to tell the non-Malays that we feel your pain, too. We understand your frustrations and despair at not being treated as equals in a country you call your own.

You must remember that UMNO will never treat you as equals or partners in progress. They want eveything for themselves. If you are not happy you can get out. UMNO does not give a damn if you're a rocket scientist or Albert Einstein Reborn. If you are non Malay you are 2nd class pendatang. Remember that well.

And enough non-Malays had migrated abroad to cause our country to understand that their loss is another country’s gain. Singapore gained the most. A loss, which our country can ill afford to sustain in the long run. Only dumb and stupid Malay leaders deny the causes.

And more important, all these groundswell of disgust and contempt at UMNO has manifested itself in a way these political idiots cannot understand – losing our votes in the 12th General Elections on 10 March 2008. Say Amen for that. Instead of seeking penance these racist bastards scream for bloodshed and mayhem still.

And so we wait for the 13th General Election in 2011 which we hope will dish out the relevant karma for UMNO and its lameduck Barisan Nasional partners. The stooges and the parasites.

Meantime understand what they have done to us all – not only the non-Malays but also to the Malays and do not allow UMNO or Barisan Nasional to play the race card and start their divide and rule antics on us anymore.

You are one with me and we are two.

United we stand divided we fall.

One for all and all for one - is our game plan

Here are my comments. Of course the ruling party for the past 54 years has to bear the burden of the blame for ALL our shortcomings. I say ALL, because after 54 years UMNO and the BN just simply cannot say that it is not their fault.

But the fault lies not entirely on UMNO because the article here says it is the Malays who have failed to achieve their spot in the country. Don’t the Malays themselves deserve the blame for this too? Why just blame UMNO?

The article is titled "UMNO Is The Downfall Of The Majority Malays . . " OK. So what about the minority “non-UMNO” Malays? Have they prospered better than the majority ‘UMNO” Malays? The PAS has been ruling Kelantan for 20 years now. Have they prospered? Nope. They are worse off.


There are Malays across the border in Thailand – outside the clutches of both UMNO and PAS. How do they compare with the Malays under the clutches of UMNO just across the frontier? You must make the comparison because in 1957, there was not much difference between say Baling, Kuala Nerang, Tumpat and Patani, Narathiwat and Satun.

What about Malays under the PAP in Singapore? Have they done well? At last after 45 years, a Malay has become a Brigadier General in the Singapore Armed Forces. OK but what about Malay businesses? Yes the Malays sell hygienic kuih Melayu in Geylang but that is because Malays still hang out in Geylang. Indians also sell hygienic Indian sweets and thosai in Little India in Serangoon Road in Singapore.

What about Malays in Brunei? How many Malays own and run banks in Brunei Darus Salam? Are there large Malay businesses in Brunei? My wife’s grandpa set up a large pharmacy business there since the 60s or something. The business is still there, run by the third generation. Tapi itu mamak turun kapal lah. Pharmacy bumiputra Melayu mana?

Then lets cross the ditch into Indonesia. Itu pun Melayu juga. No need to say much lah. UMNO has no sway there. No need to say much ok. A lot of them are here trying to make a living. Folks I wrote the book "Malaysia And The Club of Doom". Yes we too can be doomed. But not because of the Malays. I blame it on the religion.

Please read the newspapers. Yesterday four more people were killed in Bahrain. Yemen riots, Libya riots. Iran riots. Pakistan dirt poor. Punjab is divided between Pakistan and India. On one side is Muslim Pakistan Punjab where they are dirt poor. On the other side, are Karpal Singh’s countrymen in Sikh and Hindu Indian Punjab. They are among the wealthiest farmers in India.

Muslim Punjab dirt poor. Indian Punjab rich. Same soil, same language, same chappati, same water, same turban, same Bangra and same lembu. The only difference is the religion. So don’t blame UMNO and the BN.

And don’t forget the non Malays. The article does not say that the non Malays, especially the Chinese have failed to achieve successes in Malaysia (which are mostly measured by economic yardsticks in this article). The Chinese have done much better than the Malays and are poised to do even better. We have numerous Chinese success stories. And Indians too. Well done and Godspeed to the Chinese and others.

But the Chinese too prospered under the same UMNO and the same BN who were in charge. So it is entirely correct to say that policies fostered by UMNO and BN have helped prosper Chinese more than Malays. Or putting it another way, the Chinese and many Indians have prospered under UMNO and BN.

(My personal view is that the Chinese and Indians could have prospered more, if they had learnt to better cooperate with the largest market base in the country ie the Malays and other bumiputras. You all have really missed even more opportunities guys. Too much time was wasted in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s catering more to your own communities – that is a small market. Its not too late. Better late than never. Here is the secret to success - teach and share).

The article also complaints about letting in too many Indonesians, Rohingyas, Banglas, Nepalis, Afghans, Iranians, Africans. I agree here. We must do away with the Indons, Banglas and others.

The writer also laments that so many Chinese and Indians have migrated out of the country. This is where I feel the writer gives away the secret that he is not a Malay. I say friend, aren’t the Chinese and Indians immigrants too? If the writer thinks that it is a bad thing for the Malays to let in Indons and the Banglas, then pray tell how was it a good thing for the Malays to have let in Chinese and Indians not too long before in the 20th century? Be fair lah. Do not lose your objectivity.

The Malays even gave citizenship to two million non Malays. This immediately cut down the Malay demographic percentage from 80% down to just over 50%. Never before in the history of the world has any community ever done a dumb thing like that. Why doesn't someone nominate the Malays in Malaysia for the Nobel Peace Prize or something? Come on folks, be fair ok.

I hope people will stop pointing the racist finger at UMNO or the Malays. Rest assured the Indons (who are also Malays) may not be going back but neither are the Banglas, the Afghans, many Chinese from China too, the Mongolians, the Iranians, the Nepalis, the Myanmars, the Filipinos are all here to stay. Not all of them are voters - yet. I think they are here to stay – permanently. I received email from an Iranian who has been here since the 90s. He says he loves this country. Obviously he is staying here too.

I feel that this may develop into more problems for Malaysia in the future (what I mean are more racial problems) – as long as the Malays do not learn to compete. As long as the Malays are kept down by their religious beliefs, like all the other Club of Doom countries, and they cannot compete, then the introduction of more homo sapien sub species (Banglas, Nepalis, Iranians etc) will only complicate matters more.

I am not looking at a purely racial angle (that would be racist) but I am pointing out socio economic booby traps which will then magnify the racial differences even more, and more and more. New problems will crop up. All these problems will ONLY disappear if the Malay Muslims learn to compete. Thats all we have to learn to do. Compete.


In this regard, we are not hitting the right target. The fault lies not in UMNO, BN or the Malays as a race. The problem lies in the religion, or the interpretation thereof. What ails the Malays ails ALL the Muslims around the world. It does not matter whether you are a Malay, an Indian, a Pakistani, a Bangla, a Yemeni, an Egyptian or whatever. As long as you are a Muslim, chances are you are poor and uncompetitive.

Is this too difficult to figure out - in Egypt they had Hosni Mubarak for 31 years. One race, one language, same food, 90% Islam - yet the Muslims are dirt poor. In Malaysia, 54 years UMNO, multi racial, multi lingual, multi religious - the Muslims are OK but struggling, the non Muslims are much better off.

You do not need rocket science to see which is the square peg here? Please open eyes and engage brain. It is the religion (or its interpretations). In Egypt the Government may be "secular" but the people and their culture certainly is not.

And here is the real problem – if they dive deeper into their understanding of religion, looking for a solution, they will never resurface. They will drown.

As for me, haven’t I told you before , I am a Muslim, first, last and always. I believe in the Quran. So I think I should have a better chance. But people dont want to listen, or give us a chance to talk. If we talk too much, chop chop. Siapa rugi? Bukan saya.

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